Our Designers

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Fabrício Roncca

Paulista who grew up in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais where he
learned to see architecture, folklore and art in a playful and intimate way.
Architect and urbanist graduated from the State University of
Londrina UEL (2002). He has been working in the area since 2003 with architectural, interior and furniture design projects. It seeks beauty, sustainability, the balance of materials, and affective memory in their works.

Its main source of inspiration is Brazilian architecture. 

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Ibanez Razzera

Our world is defined by spaces and objects that we choose to live daily. And what is the importance of these spaces? Is a table and chair just for sitting or supporting us? Much more than their function, spaces and objects serve to identify or define a concept, a lifestyle. Design and objects conceived with this logic fulfill the role of transforming a reality and formalizing the world of ideas.


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Mauricio Bomfim

Mauricio works in the development of projects in the
most diverse areas – residential, commercial, interior design and furniture design. – always with a look tuned to the best in national and international design and art. He believes that a good project can not lack an interactive relationship with the client, full of affection, humor and observation.